Regionen und Länder: Israel/Palästina Oppose Increased Military Aid to the Middle East


Jewish Voice for Peace

Last week, the Bush Administration announced that it would be increasing military aid to Israel 25% to $30 billion, would be guaranteeing $13 billion in military aid to Egypt and would sell $20 billion to the Gulf states, primarily Saudi Arabia, all over the next ten years. The Middle East is lacking for many things, but the one thing that every Middle Eastern country is awash in is weapons. This is a time for the United States to be promoting diplomacy, not more violence. For more information about the proposed military aid and sales, click here.

US law states that military aid is only to be used for defense, and is not to be provided to countries which engage in a "consistent pattern of gross violations of internationally recognized human rights." None of the recipient countries, including Israel, meet this standard. Demand that our leaders uphold US law and that they promote justice, peace and diplomacy, not more war in the Middle East. Please help us send a clear message to Congress, the President, and the State Department.