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Open Letter to Education Minister Yael Tamir


Open Letter to Education Minister Yael Tamir
Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace-International: Internationals, Palestinians and Israelis Working in Solidarity for a Complete End of Occupation and Just Peace
Occupation magazine

May 28, 2007

From: FFIPP – Faculty For Israeli-Palestinian Peace
To: Prof.Yael Tamir, Minister of Education
Cc: Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Defense Minister Amir Peretz, Foreign Minister Tzipi

In the recent spate of seizures carried out by the Israeli Defense Forces, Dr. Nassereddine Shaer, (Minister of Education and Higher Education (Palestine) Dean of Faculty of Islamic Law, An-Najah National University (Palestine)) was abducted, along with over 30 others, some of whom are elected Palestinian representatives and government Ministers. This practice of the Israeli authorities is illegal under international law. More so, it goes against any attempt to promote a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

As academics – Israeli, Palestinian, and International – we view this act as one more destructive step in the Israeli policy of obstruction of the right to education and academic freedom in Palestine. It is in line with the ongoing policy of the Israeli military authorities to deny access to Palestinian students and academics to venues of study or research. Abducting the Minister of Education at this time, when final preparations are underway for 80,000 high school students to take the general high-school examination, is a major blow to the educational system in Palestine. It is, in fact, a blatant act of persecution which we vigorously oppose.

As academics we have an obligation to guard and promote critical thinking, personal morality and human solidarity. We are witness now to the intensification of human suffering which has spiraled into a grave crisis. You – an academic, a professor of philosophy and education, and Minister of Education – are a party to actions which are devastating for the Palestinian society, its cultural and educational subsistence, and its very existence. You must speak up and act! Release the Palestinian Minister of Education and all those who have been unlawfully detained.

“Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act.” Albert Einstein


1. Suzanne Gardinier Sarah Lawrence College USA
2. Mark Lance Georgetown University USA
3. Judith Butler UC Berkeley USA
4. Nancy Kanwisher MIT USA
5. Elsa First New York University USA
6. Manzar Foroohar Cal.Poly. San Luis Obispo USA
7. Richard Falk UC Santa Barbara USA
8. Zygmunt Bauman University of Leeds (emeritus) UK
9. Ken Nakayama Harvard University USA
10. Lynne Segal Birkbeck, University of London UK
11. Bassma Kodmani Collège de France France
12. Anat Biletzki Tel Aviv University Israel
13. Oren Yiftachel Ben Gurion University Israel
14. Jacob Katriel Technion (emeritus) Israel
15. Tamar Katriel University of Haifa Israel
16. Uri Hadar Tel Aviv University Israel
17. Glenn Bowman University of Kent UK
18. Jad Isaac Applied Research Institute-Jerusalem Palestine
19. Eyad Sarraj Gaza Community Mental Health Programme Palestine
20. Salim Tamari Birzeit University Palestine
21. Lily Feidi MIFTAH Palestine
22. Danny Fox MIT USA
23. Hanan Ashrawi PLC&MIFTAH Palestine
24. Victor Ginsburgh Université Libre de Bruxelles Belgium
25. Patrick Loy Johns Hopkins University USA
26. Paul Oestreicher University of Sussex UK
27. Barbara Einhorn University of Sussex UK
28. Simon Mohun University of London UK
29. Frances Stewart UK
30. Jane Henriques University of the West of England UK
31. Mica Nava University of East London UK
32. Eric Hobsbawm President, Birkbeck, University of London UK
33. John Womack Harvard University USA
34. Gillian Hart UC Berkeley USA
35. Zia Mian Princeton University USA
36. Erika Harris University of Liverpool UK
37. Joshua Cohen Stanford University USA
38. Ray Greenberg Harvard Medical School USA
39. Tom Wengraf University of East London UK
40. Philip L. Fetzer Cal.Poly. San Luis Obispo USA
41. Michael Nagler UC Berkeley USA
42. Joseph Harris Harvard University USA
43. Richard Thomas Harvard University USA
44. Lori A. Allen Harvard University USA
45. Mary Fainsod Katzenstein Cornell University USA
46. Donald Sassoon University of London UK
47. Mary Ann Tetreault Trinity University USA
48. Pierre Nicodeme CNRS Ecole polytechnique France
49. Simona Sawhney University of Minnesota USA
50. Michael Kammen Cornell University USA
51. Paul Hoffman Harvard University USA
52. Gary Fields UC San Diego USA
53. Judy Olson Cal State University, LA USA
54. Derek Gregory University of British Columbia Canada
55. Afshin Marashi Cal State University, Sacramento USA
56. Suzanne Corkin MIT USA
57. Mandy Merck University of London UK
58. Avi Shlaim St Antony`s College, Oxford UK
59. Shira Robinson University of Iowa USA
60. Brian Robinson UK National Health Service UK

Name, Institution/Affiliation, Country
To sign, please send your name and affiliation to
Prof. Arnon Hadar AHadar@dominican.edu

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