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[ISM Media Group]

12 year-old injured by shrapnel in protest


Twelve-year old Ibrahim Ghazi Beit-Ilo was hit in the neck by shrapnel

from a live bullet following a peaceful protest march against the

Apartheid Wall in Bil'in today. He underwent surgery at the Ramallah

goverment hospital and the shrapnel was successfully removed. Another

16 people were injured by shrapnel from exploding tear gas and sound

bomb cannisters or were beaten with military truncheons. Two Israeli

protestors were arrested.


The, 600 protestors, comprising Palestinians, Israelis and

internationals, Palestinian flags flying, marched behind political and

religious leaders . Palestinian Legislative Council members Kayes

Abu-Leila and Mohib Awad, Israeli MKs Mohammed Barakeh and Dov Hanin,

Taysir Tamimi a Muslim religious leader and village leaders marched at

the head of the protest from the Bil'in mosque to the massive razor

wire fortifications that divide the village from its agricultural

lands. When they arrived they were met by fully armed Israeli soldiers

in battle dress and border police.


The focus of the protest was a symbolic breach of the wall created by

placing two ladders across the first razor wire fence. Using the

ladders as a bridge, a group of protestors moved into the next line of

wall fortifications. As they crossed they were attacked by tear gas and

sound bombs.


The army turned on the massed demonstrators who were chanting "No to

the Wall." Soldiers fired tear gas and sound bombs into the crowd,

which began to retreat. As the marchers moved back toward the village,

soliders penetrated into the village olive groves, gassing the

retreating protestors. One gas cannister was fired at the ambulance

parked on a hill distant from the wall and soldiers penetrated into the

edge of the village where another tear gas cannister was shot into a

house, injuring grandmother, Intisar Burnat.


The villagers of Bilin have lost more than 50% of their agricultural

lands to the Apartheid Wall. The Israeli government illegally

expropriated their lands without compensation. Although the seizure of

the lands was done in the name of security, in fact, research has found

that corrupt army planners eased the transfer of Bilin's land to a

billionaire Russian real estate mogul who belongs to the Lubavitcher

Hassidim. Bilin lands are now the site of the illegal settlement of

Modin Elit.


Adeeb Abu Rahma -beaten on the leg

Basem Ahmad Issa -rubber bullet in the back.

Zohdiya Ali Alkhatib -teargas

Mohammad Alkhatib -beaten and leg injury

Naser Abu Rahma -shrapnel from a sound bomb in the hand

Ahmad Mohammad Hassan -rubber bullet in the leg

Oz Marinov -hit in the ankle by a sound bomb

Amir Sidi -wounded in the forhead by shrapnel from a sound bomb

R. - foot cut by razor wire

G. and L. - beaten with truncheons


For more information:

Abdullah Abu Rahme - 054 725 8210

ISM media office - 02 297 18 24


For photos visit:



Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 12:51:01 +0300

From: cpt hebron <cptheb@palnet.com>

Subject: [cpthebron] Hebron Reflection:  Strangers in my home


Reflection: Strangers in my home


by Jan Benvie


October 2006


Until last week no one had ever entered my home without my permission. I have always had the right to say no when someone came to my door. On Friday 13th October that all changed, when a group of Israeli soldiers entered the home I share with other CPTers, here in the Old City of Hebron.


The soldiers knocked and waited until someone answered the door. We were reluctant to let them in. They listened to what we had to say, but then they pushed their way in. We do not allow people to bring weapons into our home and asked them to leave their guns at the door, but they refused. Ultimately we had no choice.


They did not move furniture or search in cupboards. Their visit was short. They were polite and civil, but that didn't make me feel any less powerless.


After they left I could not relax. Much later, when I went to my bed I could not sleep. I felt that my private space had been violated because unwelcome strangers had been in my bedroom. 


The next day I witnessed a group of Israeli soldiers entering a Palestinian home.  They did not knock, but forced their way in, locking the door behind them. The family had no choice, entrapped in their home with armed soldiers.


The soldiers were rude, they made obscene comments about Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) that caused distress to the Muslim family. The family asked them to leave. They refused. The soldiers shouted. They moved furniture and emptied cupboards and drawers onto the floor. They pulled covers from the bed. After 2 hours they left, leaving behind them weeping women, bruised men and a ransacked home.


When I came home I could not relax. That night I could not sleep. I kept thinking of the Palestinian family. I remembered how I had felt the night before. How could the family ever feel safe in their home again? How could they sleep in their bed? Did they wash and clean, as well as tidy, in an effort to expunge all traces of the evening's violation?


And, to my shame, as I lay in bed trying to sleep, I also felt glad it hadn't been me.





Christian Peacemaker Teams is an ecumenical initiative to support violence reduction efforts around the world.  To learn more about CPT's peacemaking work, please visit our website at:  http://www.cpt.org.  Photos of our projects may be viewed at: http://www.cpt.org/gallery.

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