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[The "imaginary pacifist" CO Yoni Ben Artzi was sent home today by the
military authorities - until there will be a new decision of the
Committee. Maybe they think that this way they can prevent us from
coming in big numbers, furious all - to demonstrate Saturday on the
mountain overlooking the Atlit prison encampment. There the Five
yesterday went to begin their 12-month term, in the middle of the present
storm and rain and cold. But we just receive a message from Yesh Gvul
(the organizers of the protest together with the Refusnik Parents' Forum)
that whatever the weather, we will go.]

[] Gush Shalom ad in Ha'aretz, tomorrow January 9, 2004


This week, the soldiers continued to shoot and kill in the alleys of
This week, the bulldozers continued to destroy fields and olive groves,
and to build walls and fences that rob hundreds of thousands of their
livelihood. This week, Sharon made more promises that he has no
intention of keeping.

This week, the IDF announced that soldiers are permitted to shoot at
demonstrators, both Palestinians and Israelis.

This week, five courageous youngsters, who are not ready to take part  in
all this, were sent to prison for one year.

  Freedom for the Conscientious Objectors!

Tomorrow, Saturday, at 12.30, a protest demonstration against the verdict
will take place at Military Prison No. 6, at Athlit, were the
objectors are held. Transportation: 10 .00 at Binyanei Ha-Umah, Jerusalem;
11.15 Arlozorov corner Namir, Tel-Aviv.

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For our member Dan Shohet's eyewitness account of the shooting of
peace activist Gil Na'amati:

gil@riseup.net - for sending support-emails to Gil Na'amati
נפתח לאלו שמעוניינים לשלוח לגיל דואל gil@riseup.net

To be among those from all over the world who prepare to welcome
Mordechai Vanunu ("the nuclear whistleblower ") upon his release in
April (imprisoned since 1986) - contact: freevanunu@mindspring.com;
in Israel: Rayna Moss 051-368236

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